Forest officials capture five grave badgers in central India

Forest officials capture five grave badgers in central India

Officials of the forest department in central India’s Madhya Pradesh captured and rescued five grave badgers.

This happened in Shajapur town of the eponymous district on December 29.

Visuals showed one of these grave badgers captured by the forest department officials. The creature was caught inside of a steel cage and it walked about inside it, gazing at the outside. The furry creature wandered about inside the cage and later, the whole structure was lifted and put in the back of a truck. According to a report, these grave badgers were caught from the Gayatri Nagar, Irrigation Colony and Rest House areas. The forest department have been receiving complaints from people about the presence of these animals as they invoked fear in them. The officials subsequently installed cameras at several locations and spotted these animals, before laying traps and capturing them.

The captured grave badgers were released at a safe place near Nehru Smriti Van. The DFO, Deputy Ranger Ashok Singh Baghel, Forest Guard Sitaram Tiwari, Assistant Arjun Malviya, Harish Patel were the ones behind capturing these animals.


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