Forest Officials rescue cobra from village in western India

Forest Officials rescue cobra from village in western India

The forest department has captured an eleven and a half feet ‘King Cobra’ snake from western India’s Maharashtra.

Forest officials rescue cobra from village in Maharashtra

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Forest Officials rescue cobra from village in western India

Posted by Newslions on Thursday, April 18, 2024

The incident took place in Zolambe village, Dodamarg taluka in Sindhudurg district on April 17.



Visuals showed a forest official carefully seizing the king cobra by its tail, demonstrating caution and skill in handling such a dangerous reptile. Another female official played a crucial role, holding out a sack bag to safely contain the cobra. With precision, she ensured the snake was placed securely within the bag, taking care to close the opening tightly, thereby preventing any chance of escape or harm.

Together, they proceeded to transport the captured snake to a suitable location in the jungle for its release, mindful of maintaining both their safety and the well-being of the snake. Once in the wild, the bag was gently opened, allowing the cobra to venture out into its natural habitat once again. Observers watched as the majestic creature, freed from captivity, gracefully slithered back into the lush greenery of the forest, reclaiming its place in the ecosystem.

Speaking to Newslions, RFO Sawantwadi, Madan Kshirsagar said thaton Wednesday morning, a ‘King Cobra’ was spotted in the orchard owned by Satish Kamat of Zolambe village. The snake was observed perched on a tree within the orchard. Kamat promptly relayed this information to Kaka Bhise, the Honorary Wildlife Warden of Sindhudurg District. Bhise, in turn, alerted the forest department and requested their assistance in rescuing the snake.

Later in the afternoon, the Protection and Encroachment Removal team from the Sawantwadi Forest Department arrived at the scene. The ‘King Cobra’, measuring 11.5 feet in length, was perched on a tree, necessitating the expertise of skilled snake charmers for its capture. Consequently, the forest department enlisted the services of the ‘Animal Rescue Squad’ from Goa, known for their proficiency in handling such situations.

Under the leadership of Amrit Singh, the team of snake charmers meticulously rescued the snake. Following a thorough examination and ensuring its well-being, the snake was safely released into its natural habitat. Forest Range Officer (Additional Charge) Madan Kshirsagar expressed satisfaction with the successful operation conducted by the Protection and Encroachment Removal Team.

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