Frightening smoke incident aboard express train in southern India

Frightening smoke incident aboard express train in southern India

Passengers aboard a train experienced a harrowing moment as smoke filled the compartments during the journey in southern India’s Telangana.

The incident took place inside the Howrah Express train near Nekkonda on September 11.


Visuals showed passengers on the train were filled with fear as they witnessed smoke billowing out, and a sense of panic quickly swept through the compartments. In a rush, all passengers disembarked from the train, seeking safety outside.

According to reports, passengers on the Hyderabad-Howrah Express experienced a frightening moment when smoke began to fill the train. The incident occurred as the train was en route from Hyderabad to Howrah. The train’s vigilant driver promptly halted it near Nekkonda as soon as the smoke was noticed.

Witnesses on board the train were understandably alarmed by the sudden appearance of smoke and began to evacuate the train in haste. However, railway officials later determined that the smoke was actually a result of the brake liners heating up, and there was no immediate danger to the passengers.


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