Animal rescuer rescues kitten trapped in drain pipe in southern India

In a heartwarming visual, a renowned animal rescuer rescued a kitten trapped in a drain pipe in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.

The incident took place in Adyar, a large neighbourhood in Chennai city on September 7.


Visuals showed the rescuer, Aditya Venkatraman (Instagram id: @mylabthecutest) cutting the drain pipe with a sharp long cutter. After cutting the pipe he saw a kitten trapped inside it. He pulled the little animal outside and rescued it. The kitten was seen soaked in dirt from the pipe.

According to reports, the kitten’s cry was heard by an old man from an unoccupied house, who informed Aditya about the same. The kitten had climbed the drain in search of her mother. Aditya reached the location after the information and rescued the kitten after 40 mins of hard work.

Aditya Venkatraman has his NOG named,J.A.W.Z, or JD’s Animal Welfare Zone, which opened its doors on May 20, 2022.

“I saw what rescuers struggled with most was lack of facilities and low-cost treatment centres. The amount they have to spend often goes into lakhs. And that is when I realised the need for a centre like this, in not just easing the strain on rescuers, but also bringing the population of stray dogs down,” says Aditya.


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