Goods trains collide at railway station in eastern India

Goods trains collide at railway station in eastern India

Location Ondagram railway station on the Kharagpur-Bankura-Adra. Date: 2023-06-25

In yet another railway mishap, two goods trains collided in eastern India’s West Bengal, leaving several other trains on the route cancelled.

This happened at the Ondagram railway station on the Kharagpur-Bankura-Adra line of the South Eastern Railway in Bankura on June 25.

Visuals showed the overturned coach of one of the trains involved in this accident. The mangled remains of the train laid across the track with a huge crowd gathering at the spot of this accident. According to a report, fortunately, there haven’t been any injuries or casualties. As per officials, this accident took place when one of the goods trains hit the back of the other which caused a lot of damage to the carriages.

A total of 14 trains were cancelled after this accident with two being short-terminated. Three trains have been diverted as well. Officials state that-12828 Purulia Junction-Howrah, 13506 Asansol-Digha, 08686 Adra-Kharagpur, 08675 Bishnupur-Adra, 08677 Bishnupur-Dhanbad Junction, 18027 Kharagpur-Asansol, 12883 Santragachi Junction-Purulia Junction, 18035 Kharagpur-Hatia, 18024 Garh Madhupur-Kharagpur, 08657 Adra-Asansol, 08173 Asansol-Tata, 18013 Howrah – Bokaro Steel City, 18036 Hatia-Kharagpur, and 08695/08696 Bokaro Steel City-Ranchi Junction-Bokaro Steel City trains were cancelled.

The cause of this collision though is yet to be ascertained. “Up line is fit for train movement at 7.45 am. Some trains have been cancelled. The cause of the collision is yet to be ascertained. Efforts are on to assess the cause that led to the mishap,” said a railway official.

Earlier, a devastating collision involving three trains in Odisha had rocked the nation.



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