Greatness at a young age! Five-year-old from western India sets Guinness World Record for lowest limbo skating

Who said you can’t do wonders at a young age? Meet Manasvi Vishal Pimpre from Pune in western India’s Maharashtra, who has set the world record for the lowest limbo skating over 25m. Pimpre, aged five years, completed this achievement in 16.50 cm (6.49 in) to register this feat.

This happened on July 29.


Visuals showed Pimpri skating smoothly before she bent down to as low as 16.50 cm in order to perform this record, at the Clover Hill Plaza in Kondhwa. The little girl effortlessly stretched her legs and held on to them to pass between a series of horizontal bars kept in the area. She passed through these bars seamlessly and it was indeed a lovely sight to behold! She gathered momentum for this effort by skating from a distance and then easily bent down to easily pass beneath these bars. All this while, she had her head sideways and it was wrapped with bandage so that she didn’t injure herself in this effort.

Eventually, she skated past all the horizontal bars and was greeted with applause from everyone present in the area after completing this record. Pimpri also held out an Indian flag to celebrate this achievement.

The child had begun her limbo skating journey at just three and a half years old and has made it to the illustrious Guinness Book of World Records. For this, she had to prepare for a year before being able to achieve this record. Not just this but Pimpre also has also won several medals in national and international skating competitions and attributes her success to mother Sneha and father Vishal.

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