Group of men in southern India worship Twitter CEO Elon Musk

Group of men in southern India worship Twitter CEO Elon Musk

A group organized a prayer for the Twitter CEO in southern India’s Karnataka to express their happiness over his takeover of Twitter.

The incident took place at Freedom park in Bangalore and went viral on February 26.

Visuals showed one of the members was seen lighting incense sticks in front of an Elon Musk poster. The group can be heard chanting ‘Baba Elon Musk ki jai’.

The men called Musk, a ‘destroyer of Wokashura’ and praised him for owning Twitter. ‘Woke culture’ is a term that is generally used for people who question everything, including dominance.

The members of the Save Indian Family Federation (SIFF), a prominent men’s rights organisation in India, organized the puja for the Twitter CEO in Bengaluru’s Freedom Park to express their happiness over his decision to take over the microblogging site. The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows men from the federation worshipping the Tesla chief.

“We as a Men’s Rights community faced a lot of censorship, shadow banning and even total banning in last 6-7 years, just because we questioned about false cases on men and questioned certain aspects of Western feminism,” Anil Murthy, the co-founder of SIFF said, adding, “After Elon Musk bought twitter and he showed his commitment to free speech, we felt very grateful towards him as we knew that we won’t face massive censorship.”

“Most of our members in Bangalore are techies and professionals. My back ground is, I worked for couple of MNC companies in their R&D departments and right now I am director of a tech start up apart from being a Trustee of SIFF,” he also stated. SIFF has members not just all over India but also abroad.

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