Gunfire erupts at car showroom in northern India, seven injured

Gunfire erupts at car showroom in northern India, seven injured

Chaos ensued at a car showroom in northern India’s Delhi, as assailants opened fire, leaving seven people wounded. Among the injured are bystanders caught in the crossfire.

The incident took place at Fusion Car Showroom in Ganesh Nagar area of Tilak Nagar on May 6.

Visuals showed two men stormed into the car showroom, brandishing guns, and within seconds, chaos erupted as they unleashed a hail of gunfire. Just as quickly as they had entered, they fled the scene, leaving behind a scene of panic and confusion.

According to reports the bustling evening turned into a scene of terror as gunshots reverberated through Tilak Nagar, a neighborhood in the heart of the capital city. The incident unfolded at a car showroom where BJP leader Vikas Tyagi had gone to browse vehicles for his son.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vichitra Veer, the Fusion Car Showroom in Ganesh Nagar, Tilak Nagar, became the epicenter of a violent shootout. The attackers unleashed a barrage of bullets inside the showroom premises, causing panic and chaos among patrons and employees alike. Eyewitnesses reported multiple rounds of gunfire, with the assailants fleeing the scene before law enforcement arrived.

In the aftermath, seven individuals were left wounded, with varying degrees of injuries. Prompt medical attention was provided as the injured were rushed to different hospitals for treatment. Among those injured, some were innocent bystanders who happened to be present during the ordeal.

Speaking to reporters, eyewitness and local businessman Pratik Anand described the frantic moments following the gunfire. He recounted how pandemonium broke out, with people scrambling to seek refuge from the hail of bullets. Additionally, Anand mentioned the discovery of a ransom note, purportedly thrown by the assailants, bearing the names “Navin Bali,” “Bhau Gang,” and “Neeraj Faridpur,” although it lacked any mention of a specific ransom amount.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Delhi Police’s Crime Branch and Special Cell, swiftly mobilized to investigate the incident. Intensive scrutiny of the crime scene, coupled with the analysis of CCTV footage and forensic evidence, is underway to apprehend the culprits.

The location of the shootout, nestled in one of West Delhi’s most densely populated areas, has heightened concerns about public safety. Police presence has been bolstered in the vicinity as authorities intensify efforts to track down the suspects.

As the investigation progresses, the motive behind the brazen attack remains unclear, leaving residents and authorities on edge in the wake of this disturbing incident.

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