Heartwarming! Tigress rests with her cubs in central India

Heartwarming! Tigress rests with her cubs in central India
A very heartwarming video has emerged from central India’s Madhya Pradesh where a tigress was seen resting with her cubs.
The incident took place in Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR) of Narmadapuram district and the video went viral on June 17.
Visuals showed the Satpura Tiger Reserve’s tigress who was resting near a stream to get relief from the scorching heat with her cubs.
According to officials, the video was made by tourists who arrived during jungle safari. On Monday, the tigress with her cubs were seen resting on the banks of a drain in the forest to get relief from the heat during a jungle safari by tourists. After which the tourists have captured this beautiful view. The three cubs are reportedly 10 months old.
According to reports, Vinod Verma, SDO of Satpura Tiger Reserve, said, “Due to holidays, a large number of tourists are reaching the Churna range of Satpura Tiger Reserve for jungle safari.”
Officials have also stated that the locality is facing severe heat waves due to which animals are also suffering.
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