Paralyzed dog brutally attacked by car in northern India

Paralyzed dog brutally attacked by car in northern India

A shocking incident occurred in northern India’s Punjab where a paralyzed dog was intentionally run over by a man driving a car.

The incident took place at Street 9 in Anand Nagar area of Patiala on June 14.

Visuals showed an individual deliberately drove his car onto a dog seated in a narrow lane, intentionally harming it. As a result, a commotion ensued, with bystanders and other dogs gathering around the injured animal.

According to reports in a street, some dogs were being regularly harassed and pelted with stones by a man and his family for quite some time. However, the situation escalated when a man from the same house deliberately ran his car over a dog sitting in the street.

It is reported that the dog was paralyzed and suffered serious injuries. Several NGOs and animal welfare organizations are urging the police to register a case in this matter.

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