Heroic effort to save car from plunging into gorge in northern India

Heroic effort to save car from plunging into gorge in northern India

In a dramatic and courageous rescue attempt in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir, locals managed to prevent a car from falling into a deep gorge long enough for the driver to escape. However, despite their valiant efforts, the car eventually fell, and the driver sustained injuries during the escape.


The video went viral on June 2.

Visuals showed in Jammu and Kashmir, a car lost control and almost fell into a gorge. Some people nearby managed to hold onto it to prevent it from falling, allowing the driver to get out safely. However, there were only a few people, and the car was very heavy, making it difficult to hold. As the driver tried to get out, the car slipped and fell into the gorge. The driver got out but also fell a bit and got injured.


In a tense incident that unfolded in the hilly region of Jammu and Kashmir, a group of brave locals made a desperate attempt to prevent a car from plunging into a deep gorge. The car, which had lost control on a narrow mountain road, teetered precariously on the edge of the cliff. Witnesses described the harrowing scene as several people rushed to hold onto the vehicle, using all their strength to stop it from falling.


The situation was dire, as the number of people available to help was limited, and the car’s weight made it extremely difficult to secure. Despite the odds, the rescuers managed to stabilize the car momentarily, allowing the driver to attempt an escape.


This incident highlights the risks associated with the region’s challenging terrain and the importance of community spirit in times of crisis. The driver’s condition is reported to be stable, and he is expected to recover from his injuries.

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