High-tension wire breakage leads to massive fire in northern India, six vehicles engulfed

High-tension wire breakage leads to massive fire in northern India, six vehicles engulfed

Location Kharkoda Area, Meerut, northern India's Uttar Pradesh. Date: 2023-05-15

A fire broke out as a high-tension wire snapped in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, resulting in the burning of six vehicles.

The incident took place in a vacant land near Kharkhoda area of Meerut on May 15.

Visuals showed the truck and the parked vehicles nearby were engulfed in flames, turning into a pile of ashes. The firefighters started their work, battling the fire. People living in the vicinity were gathered at the scene. The entire area was filled with thick, billowing black smoke, obscuring the surroundings.

According to reports, the fire broke out in a vacant land near KharKhoda police station in Meerut. The fire engulfed six vehicles, including a truck, completely. Two fire brigade vehicles managed to gain control over the fire somehow. Investigation revealed that the fire was caused by the snapping of a high-tension wire.

Kharkhoda police station in-charge Rajeev stated that they received information about vehicles catching fire. He mentioned that the fire initially broke out in a truck. Due to strong winds, other vehicles parked nearby also caught fire. The fire took a fierce form, engulfing the area. As it was a densely populated neighborhood, people came out of their homes and attempted to control the fire. However, the fire continued to spread. Thick black smoke could be seen from a distance.

An hour later, the fire brigade arrived at the scene and after great effort, managed to gain control over the fire. However, by that time, six vehicles had already burned down completely. The investigation revealed that the high-tension wire had snapped due to strong winds. Sparks from the wire ignited the fire in the truck, and within moments, five other vehicles also caught fire.

People stated that most of the vehicles were CNG-powered. Thankfully, no cylinders exploded; otherwise, it could have been a major disaster. The police are conducting an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, officials also contacted the police station in-charge to gather information about the incident.



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