Hit-and-run driver flees after injuring woman in central India

Hit-and-run driver flees after injuring woman in central India

In a shocking hit-and-run incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a reckless driver struck a woman with such force that she was thrown ten feet away. Despite efforts to stop him, the driver fled the scene, leaving the victim injured and shaken.

The incident took place in the Sanchalan Nagar Extension of Indore on May 2.

Visuals showed a scooter rider was struck by a speeding car as she traversed the road. The impact sent her flying through the air, her body colliding with the hood of the car before crashing to the ground. In the chaotic aftermath, the driver hastily reversed the vehicle and fled the scene, leaving Usha injured and alone. Surrounding bystanders rushed to her aid, their concerned faces illuminated by the flashing lights of nearby shops and the glow of the setting sun.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon as Usha Yadav, a resident of Prashant Sagar, was riding her scooter to buy groceries from the market. Near Parshuram Garden, tragedy struck as a speeding car, identified as MP 09 WW 7162, careened into her path.

Witnesses reported hearing a loud crash as Usha was propelled into the air before colliding with the car’s bonnet and crashing to the ground. Shockingly, instead of stopping to help, the driver reversed over Usha and sped away from the scene.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the incident, with the police filing a case against the driver for the hit-and-run offense. Fortunately, the entire episode was captured on nearby CCTV cameras, providing crucial evidence for the investigation.

As Usha recovers from her injuries, the community is left outraged by the callous actions of the hit-and-run driver and calls for swift justice to be served.

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