Fire engulfs scrap godown in southern India; garbage suspected as cause

Fire engulfs scrap godown in southern India; garbage suspected as cause

A raging fire engulfed a scrap godown in southern India’s Telangana, suspected to have originated from nearby garbage before spreading rapidly.

The incident took place near the Muthangi exit in Patancheru town in Sangareddy on May 3.

Visuals showed in a scrap godown, a ferocious fire erupted, sending billows of thick smoke into the air. Amidst the chaos, a team of firefighters, clad in protective gear, bravely battled the flames, their hoses spraying torrents of water in a desperate attempt to quell the inferno.

The inferno, believed to have been triggered by the accumulation of garbage in close proximity to the godown, quickly devoured the scrap materials stored within. Prompt action was taken upon receipt of a distress call from the godown owner, dispatching a fire tender to the scene.

Efforts to contain the blaze lasted for approximately four arduous hours, with firefighters battling intensively to quench the flames. Despite their endeavors, the contents of the godown were reduced to mere ashes, leaving behind significant damage. The precise monetary value of the losses incurred is yet to be determined.

Authorities are conducting investigations to ascertain the exact cause of the fire, while emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance in waste disposal practices to mitigate such incidents in the future.

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