Hostel owner attacked over political allegiance in southern India

Hostel owner attacked over political allegiance in southern India

In a shocking incident of post-election violence, a hostel owner in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh was brutally attacked and humiliated by a group of JanaSena supporters.

The incident took place in Lakshmipuram area of Guntur on June 5.

Visuals showed an armed group of political party goons attempted to force their way into a man’s hostel. Fearing for his life, the man locked himself inside his home. However, the goons smashed through the gate and dragged him outside, demanding he kneel and apologize. As the initial group threatened the man, more goons arrived, escalating the chaos. They shattered glass windows and broke clay pots, causing destruction throughout the property. Chairs were thrown outside, creating a scene of utter devastation before the attackers finally dispersed, leaving the man and his home in ruins.

According to reports the altercation arose when the owner, whose name board indicated he belonged to the Reddy caste, refused to display TDP and JanaSena stickers on his property.

The mob, armed with sticks and stones, forced the owner to kneel and touch their feet while hurling caste-based abuses. The attackers also vandalized the hostel, shattering glass windows, breaking doors, and destroying flower pots.

Witnesses reported that the assailants demanded the owner’s compliance with their political affiliations, which he declined. The situation quickly escalated into violence, with the mob showing no mercy.

This incident underscores the dangerous rise in politically motivated violence and caste discrimination following the recent electoral victory of the TDP and JanaSena alliance. Local authorities have promised stringent action against the culprits to prevent further escalation of such incidents.


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