Youth creates commotion by scaring people with Python in eastern India

Youth creates commotion by scaring people with Python in eastern India

A young man caused a stir in eastern India’s Jharkhand by carrying a python and scaring passersby.

The incident took place in the Guhiyajori Chapariya area of Jama in Dumka district and the video went viral on June 5.

Visuals showed a man stood on the road with an exceptionally long python, confronting anyone who passed by. As people approached, he would move the snake towards them, causing fear and panic. The passersby were visibly frightened and hurried to get away, worried that the snake might bite them. Nearby, a few onlookers tried to stop the man from continuing his alarming behavior, but he persisted with his unsettling actions.

In a bizarre incident that unfolded in the Dumka district, a youth was seen causing a commotion by carrying a python and scaring pedestrians. The incident, which took place on the main road, saw the young man displaying the python and creating a scene that left many residents and passersby disturbed.

Eyewitnesses reported that the youth seemed to be enjoying the chaos he was causing as he paraded the python along the busy thoroughfare. Several people expressed their discomfort and fear as they tried to navigate the area while keeping a safe distance from the spectacle.

The incident has sparked a debate about the need for stricter regulations regarding the handling and public display of wild animals. It also highlighted the necessity for awareness and education on how to responsibly interact with wildlife to prevent such incidents in the future.


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