In rare case, woman welcomes quintuplets in northern India

In rare case, woman welcomes quintuplets in northern India
In a heartwarming story from northern India’s Bihar, a mother joyously gives birth to five beautiful baby girls.
The incident took place in Raza Nursing Home of Pothia block of Kishanganj district on May 5.
Visuals showed the five children lying in a cot. According to reports,  the woman in Kishanganj, Bihar, Tahera Begum, 26, gave birth to five girls at a private nursing home in Pothia block. The newborns are reported to be in good health, delivered without complications. They are currently under medical supervision. Tahera, from Jal Millik village in Thakurganj block, expressed immense happiness about her daughters’ arrival, confirming both her and her babies’ well-being.
This rare occurrence of quintuplets, happening approximately once in 6 crore births globally, was successfully managed by Dr. Farzana Noori, who had been overseeing Tahera’s pregnancy since its early stages. Initially shocked upon learning about the quintuplets through ultrasound, Tahera was reassured by medical professionals, leading to a successful delivery. The newborns have been transferred to a higher medical facility for further care.Tahera Alam, the mother, already has a son. The news of five newborn daughters has brought great excitement to her family in Thakurganj. The delivery took place at Raza Nursing Home in Pothia block. Initially informed of carrying quadruplets during pregnancy check-ups, Tahera later discovered she was expecting quintuplets. Despite initial apprehension, medical professionals guided her through the process. Dr. Farzana and Dr. Farhana Noori jointly facilitated the normal delivery, which they described as challenging yet ultimately successful. The doctors congratulate Tahera and her family on the healthy arrival of her quintuplets.

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