Inferno engulfs market, shop reduced to ashes in central India

Inferno engulfs market, shop reduced to ashes in central India

Location Indore, central India's Madhya Pradesh. Date: 2023-06-14

A fierce fire ravaged a market in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, reducing a shop to ashes.

The incident took place at Choithram Vegetable Market in Indore on June 14.


Visuals showed after the outbreak of a fire in the market, dangerous black smoke had spread all around. The entire area was filled with thick smoke, engulfing the surroundings due to the crowd of people.

The fire initially broke out in a plastic crate filled with fruits outside the shop. Two shops have been completely engulfed in flames. Dark plumes of smoke were visible in the sky from a distance. The fire brigade’s vehicles have gained control over the fire. The situation caused a commotion throughout the entire area due to the fire.

The fire engulfed and reduced goods worth lakhs to ashes. However, the cause of the fire could not be determined. As soon as the information about the fire was received, Indore MP Shankar Lalwani also reached the mandi. The fire brigade was directed to extinguish the fire. Within approximately two hours, the fire brigade gained complete control over the fire. Chauthiram Sabzi Mandi is the largest vegetable market in the city.

According to the information, the fire broke out in Shop No. 44 of Chauthiram Fruit Mandi. There were plastic crates and grass outside the shop. Due to this, it was difficult to ascertain the cause before the fire took a fierce form. The fire caused a black cloud of smoke to be visible in the sky from several kilometers away. Sparks emitted from behind the shop ignited the grass, cartons, and packaging materials of the fruits, and the fire quickly spread outward.

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