Lady cop risks life to save senior passenger who slips while deboarding moving train in eastern India

A senior citizen was saved by an alert policewoman- who risked her own life to help the former live- in eastern India’s Odisha.

The incident took place at the Jharsuguda railway station on April 23.

Visuals showed the woman holding on to the passenger, who slipped while trying to deboard the moving train. The woman cop ran alongside the coach while holding on to the passenger.

According to reports, RPF Lady Constable Bina Harijan performed the daring life saving act to help the male passenger.

Speaking to Newslions, Rakesh Mohan, Post Commander, RFP, Jharsuguda, said that the 60-year-old passenger was late while deboarding the train and slipped. Fortunately for him, Constable Harijan spotted him and helped the former.

The passenger was pushed back inside the coach. Fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries, Mohan added.

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