Land ‘sinking’ in northern India , 60 houses damaged: ‘No power, cracks on roads’

Land ‘sinking’ in northern India , 60 houses damaged: ‘No power, cracks on roads’

A major landslide and land subsidence took place in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir. Up to 60 houses were damaged in the natural calamity.

The incident took place in Pernote village in Jammu and Kashmir Ramban district on April 25.

Visuals showed a house had shifted and collapsed from its original position, while a large tower, reminiscent of an electricity transmission tower, had also fallen down, creating a significant impact on the landscape due to landsinkin.

Out of these, 30 houses are completely damaged, while 10 more are likely to get affected,” Singh said in a post on X. No death was reported in the incident.

Meanwhile, former sarpanch Kalasha Devi said, “Yesterday, at around 7 pm, first small cracks were seen on the roads. Right in front of us, the road sank almost a foot till 10-11 pm.”

“Our crops have also been damaged. The grid station has collapsed, and due to this, we do not have electricity, water pipelines are also damaged…,” she added while requesting the MLA to arrange a temporary stay for the people.

The deputy commissioner of the Ramban district advised people not to panic and take precautionary measures to safeguard their lives.


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