Police sets 2,043 kg drugs worth $599,499 afire in southern India

Police sets 2,043 kg drugs worth $599,499 afire in southern India

Police, along with the Drug Destruction Committee in southern India’s Telangana, set as much as 2043 kg of ganja, worth Rs 5.1 crore (USD 611488.98) on fire.

The incident took place at Nalgonda in Hyderabad on April 26.

Visuals depicted a police team setting fire to the confiscated drugs, creating a scene as flames consumed the illegal substances, sending smoke billowing into the air.

The ganja was seized in 39 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) cases across 15 police station limits, as stated by the police on Friday, April 26.

During a media interaction, a senior police officer stated that the Nalgonda police aim to make Telangana a drug-free state and curb the illegal transportation of ganja.

“The golden future of the youth is being destroyed due to unknowingly falling under the influence of intoxicants and destroying their physical and mental state,” he said.

Another police officer highlighted that due to drug use, many road accidents and other crimes are occurring, tearing families apart. He advised students not to fall victim to prohibited drugs and intoxicating substances.

“The youth should not become accustomed to bad addictions and destroy life; strict action will be taken if anyone smuggles ganja and other intoxicating substances,” he added.

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