Land sinking in northern India damages several houses, over 500 relocated

Land sinking in northern India damages several houses, over 500 relocated

Over 500 people were relocated to safer areas after land sinking was reported to have taken place at the Parnote village in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

This incident happened in Ramban district on April 28.

Visuals showed the devastation that was left behind after the land started to sink in the area. Roads were split wide open and massive cracks developed in several areas. Many houses also sustained damages with parts of them breaking off. People were seen running away from the area in a bid to escape the effects of this disaster. A temple was also impacted in this and so was a transmission tower, which collapsed.

Two days ago, a road in the village that connected the Goal area with Ramban started to sink. This was subsequently followed by the sinking of the whole area. A good part of the Pernote village has sunk and it has shown no signs of stopping. Two transmission towers of 400 KVA feeder line to Srinagar from Jammu also fell / collapsed due to land sinking while over 300 meters of road stretch from Ramban to Gool is already engulfed by sinking land at Parnote.

The land subsidence has led to 58 houses being completely destroyed and more than 500 people were evacuated to safer places. The authorities have also arranged for community kitchens to feed the affected families in relief camps. Officials of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) were involved in the evacuation operation. Road connectivity has also been disrupted as a result of this. Around 100 houses were declared unsafe in the red zone.

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