Leopard causes panic after entering residential area in northern India, rescued and released

Leopard causes panic after entering residential area in northern India, rescued and released

A leopard created quite a stir after it had entered into a residential area in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident took place  in Kaserubaxar area in Meerut on April 13.

Visuals showed sitting on the roof of the house. Its tail and a portion of its body was visible from an aerial view as the leopard’s sighting caused panic in the area. Officials of the forest department were seen standing on an adjacent terrace and monitoring the leopard in a bid to capture it. There was a huge crowd that had gathered near the area and a net was laid so that the animal could be captured. After a lot of hard work, the big cat was captured and the officials tried to restrain it inside of a cage.

The appearance of a leopard inside a house caused widespread panic among the residents, who were astonished by the unexpected sight. Efforts were made by the people to coax the leopard out of the house, but it refused to leave. Subsequently, the authorities were alerted, prompting the arrival of the police and the forest department to undertake a rescue operation. The incident created a sense of alarm not only in the immediate vicinity but also in neighboring residential areas such as Cantonment and Kaseru Kheda. Unfortunately, the leopard injured a man named Angad who was rushed to the district hospital. The leopard was tranquilised after being captured and was subsequently seen being released into the wild.

In an interview with Newslions, SHO Indu Verma revealed that the Meerut Cantonment area had been witnessing leopard sightings for several days leading up to the incident. Consequently, the Forest Department had been diligently working to locate and safely relocate the leopard. The situation took a turn for the worse when, on a Saturday morning, the leopard entered a residential area near Kaseru Khera Bhagat Line, sparking panic among the residents. In response, a collaborative effort between the forest department and law enforcement was swiftly initiated to address the situation.

Cages and nets were strategically deployed by the forest department in the area, and residents were cautioned to remain vigilant. The rescue team diligently worked to capture the leopard using these measures, persisting in their efforts for two days until the animal was finally secured.


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