Leopard cubs reunited with their mother in western India

Leopard cubs reunited with their mother in western India

In a heartwarming development, a leopard was reunited with its cubs at a field in western India’s Maharashtra.

Leopard cubs reunited with their mother in Maharashtra

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Posted by Newslions on Friday, April 5, 2024

This incident happened in Jalgaon district of the state on April 3.

Visuals showed the cubs being picked up by the officials and put in a basket. Later they were kept in a jungle where the mother leopard was seen clawing and biting away at a couple of boxes which were kept on top of the other.

The wild animal tried its best to figure out which of them had the cubs but for a while, wasn’t able to find out. After repeatedly scratching and clawing away at the boxes, it was able to drop the boxes with the covering coming off from the one kept on top. After a while of looking around, the leopard inserted its head into the gap inside the box and took away one of the cubs before leaving the spot.

Speaking to Newslions IFS Praveen Angusamyn said it was learnt that a total of four cubs were found by a sugarcane farmer from his field after he had heard noises of these little animals. Subsequently, a rescue team arrived at the spot and found the four cubs, which were rescued and later reunited with the mother leopard by night.

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