Leopard falls into well after entering village in central India, rescued

Leopard falls into well after entering village in central India, rescued

A leopard was rescued after it had fallen into a well in a village in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Bhavati village near the Barwani district headquarters on October 28.


Visuals showed the leopard sitting on one side of the well. It avoided the water and sat still in one corner while looking upwards. Later on, officials of the forest department arrived and were seen lowering a cage into the well to capture the big cat. The leopard then entered the cage and its door was shut after which the whole thing was brought out of the well. The wild animal had a scared look on its face as it growled and clawed away at the cage while being inside it. Later on, it was seen that the leopard was set free into the wild. It crept out of the cage and ran away into the wild after being freed.

According to a report, the well in which the leopard fell was on a field which belonged to a man named Gabbar Singh. A farmer who came in to work was taken aback by the growling noise which came from inside the well and when he looked into it, he spotted the leopard inside. Soon after, he informed a retired forest department officer named Sakharam Vaskale. Barwani forest division officer SL Bhargava stated that the forest department officers arrived after receiving information from a nearby village and with great difficulty, captured the wild animal.


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