Leopard spotted entering old tower in western India, rescued

Leopard spotted entering old tower in western India, rescued

A leopard was rescued after it was spotted entering the Shri Ram Anugraha tower on Chinchpada Road, in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident happened in Kalyan East, Thane district on November 24.

Visuals showed the animal entering the tower through one of its windows. Later, the leopard’s face was seen from the outside as the animal peeked and went back in. Later on, visuals of the animal’s rescue emerged where the police officials were seen taking it out of a building amidst a packed crowd at the spot.

It reportedly injured three people and hence, the presence of this animal inside the tower had caused panic among the citizens in the area.

An operation to rescue the leopard was also carried out by the police and fire brigade officials. Visuals showed them using ladders to get to the building in pursuit of the animal. The big cat was eventually captured and rescued in a far from easy task as it kept on escaping and hiding in various parts of the building.

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