Leopard strays into sugarcane field in northern India, rescued

Leopard strays into sugarcane field in northern India, rescued

A leopard was rescued after it strayed inside a field in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Bijnor district on May 10.

Visuals showed a man carrying an unconscious leopard on his shoulder in the field. Few locals were also seen present at the incident spot.

Speaking to Newslions, Range Forest Officer Mahesh Chand Gautam recounted how a farmer spotted a leopard in the sugarcane field and promptly alerted the forest department. The majestic cat, startled by the commotion, sought refuge in the trees but tragically lost its footing and tumbled to the ground. The impact rendered the leopard unconscious, prompting immediate action from the forest department.

Under their supervision, serial actor Jagtar Singh bravely stepped forward to assist in transporting the injured leopard to safety. This collaborative effort underscores the importance of swift response and cooperation in wildlife rescue operations. The leopard is under treatment.

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