Lift collapses at housing society in northern India

Lift collapses at housing society in northern India

Location Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Date: 2023-05-22

A lift, carrying six members of a family which included an elderly woman and a child, collapsed in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened at Aura Kaymera Society in Ghaziabad on May 22.

Visuals from the incident showed the lift, stuck just a few metres away from the basement. The lift gate was partially open, which signified that the ones inside had to be taken out after it had gotten stuck. According to a report, the lift was installed on May 21, a day before this accident took place. A man named Arun Bhadana stated that his family, which included wife Anupam, six-month-old son Aksh, 12-year-old daughter Vanshika, sister-in-law Shweta, mother-in-law Munni and wife’s aunt Anarkali was inside the lift. They had boarded the lift to go for a walk.

The lift came down properly from the 10th to seventh floor but fell from the seventh to the third floor. What’s more is that it further fell down and stopped between the basement and the ground floor. It was also learnt that no one came to guard came to their aid despite them pressing the panic button inside the lift. Some residents who were passing by, spotted the trapped family and informed the guards, who then rushed to the spot.

The gate of the lift was opened with the help of bricks and they were rescued with minor injuries. The maintenance department stated that the lift was still under trial whole Arun alleged that the handover of the same was made, after which it got started to be used.

He also filed a complaint against the builder and maintenance department of the housing society at the Nandgram police station. The latter have reportedly begun an investigation into this matter.


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