Major smuggling bust at airport: gold, electronics, cash seized in 20 cases

Major smuggling bust at airport: gold, electronics, cash seized in 20 cases

In a significant crackdown on illicit activities, Airport Commissionerate has seized a staggering haul of contraband valued at over Rs. 7.63 Crores ($1.02 million) in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident took place at Mumbai Customs Zone-III, Mumbai Airport during May 27th-30th.

Visuals showed how the gold was recovered from shampoo bottles and cash was seized.

The operation targeted smuggling rings attempting to traffic gold, electronics, and foreign currency through Mumbai’s bustling international airport.

The seizures, comprising 9.76 kilograms of gold, assorted electronics, and foreign currency totaling Rs. 0.88 Crores ($117,000), were made across 20 separate cases. The clandestine nature of the operation is evidenced by the innovative methods employed to conceal the contraband, including within shampoo bottles, rubber sheets, and even within the bodies of individuals.

The vigilant efforts of customs officials resulted in the apprehension of four suspects involved in the smuggling attempts. These arrests underscore the determination of law enforcement agencies to curb illegal activities and uphold the integrity of the nation’s borders.

The magnitude of this operation serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by transnational criminal networks and the crucial role played by authorities in safeguarding national security and economic interests.

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