Ticket checkers smash glass to rescue injured loco pilots trapped inside during train collision in northern India

Ticket checkers smash glass to rescue injured loco pilots trapped inside during train collision in northern India

In a rescue act during a train collision, ticket checkers broke glass to rescue two trapped loco pilots, injured inside the locomotive in northern India’s Punjab.


The incident took place near Madhopur in Fatehgarh Sahib district on June 2.

Visuals showed amidst the chaos of a train collision, two locomotive pilots found themselves trapped inside the wreckage, injured and unable to escape. Outside, three ticket checkers were frantically attempting to break through the thick glass barrier, using all their strength to create an opening. It was late at night, and the only source of light was a single torch held by one of the bystanders. Finally, with a loud crack, the glass shattered, and they carefully extracted the injured train pilots from within. A trickle of blood was visible on one of the pilot’s faces, a stark reminder of the harrowing ordeal they had just endured.


The pilots were trapped in the overturned engine, and they were saved by cutting and breaking the glass of the engine. After a tough struggle, the ticket checkers pulled out those loco pilots. After its video went viral on social media, the humanity shown by these ticket checkers is being appreciated from all over.


According to reports two loco pilots were injured Sunday morning when a stationary goods train was hit from behind by another at the Sirhind railway station here, a Government Railway Police (GRP) official said. He said the collision caused the engine of one of them to flip over to another track and hit a passenger train.


There was no loss of life in the incident that took place near Madhopur in Sirhind but loco pilots Vikas Kumar and Himanshu Kumar were injured, the GRP official said.


A Fatehgarh Sahib Civil Hospital doctor said Vikas Kumar suffered injuries to his head and Himanshu Kumar to his back. They were referred to the Rajindra Hospital in Patiala, he added.


Railway officials said restoration work was underway and trains are being diverted through Rajpura, Patiala and Dhuri and some via Chandigarh. Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said directions have been issued to the district administration to provide all possible help.

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