Man attacks another brutally with axe to ‘avenge’ wife’s death in northern India

Man attacks another brutally with axe to ‘avenge’ wife’s death in northern India

A man was fatally injured after he was attacked by another with an axe as he was seated and watching a religious program, in northern India’s Rajasthan.

This incident took place at Kapren police station area of Bundi district on April 23.

Visuals showed the shocking moment when the assailant attacked the victim with an axe. The victim, Banwari Meena was seated by the stage as he watched a performance in front of him when the assailant, Tejmal Gurjar entered into the space and swung the axe he was carrying, landing a lethal blow to Meena’s head. The victim instantly was seen collapsing and Gurjar attempted to flee the spot as chaos broke out in the area. According to a report, Meena was rushed to a private hospital in Kota where doctors have stated that he is in a critical condition. Meanwhile, Gurjar managed to escape from the area after committing this crime.

According to a report, Gurjar’s action could be because of an incident last year in June when Banwari, a driver of a tractor-trolley, had lost his control over the vehicle they were in. The accident led to the death of Gurjar’s wife and he felt that it was a deliberate act on part of Gurjar. Meena’s brother Ranjeet has filed a police complaint against Gurjar.

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