Man brutally beats up stray dog with iron rod in northern India

Man brutally beats up stray dog with iron rod in northern India

A man was spotted brutally beating up a stray dog with an iron rod in broad daylight in northern India’s Rajasthan.

This incident took place in Kota district of the state on April 28.

CCTV footage captured the man’s brutality wherein he beat up the dog mercilessly. The scene appears pretty peaceful at the start with two young girls standing by a car and chatting and the stray dogs roaming about them. The man then approaches the spot with the rod in hand and walks towards the car where the women and the dogs were. Surprisingly, he starts to attack one of the dogs which was resting underneath the car. Seeing the man’s unprovoked attack, both the girls got scared and attempted to run away from the area and into their house just opposite of the spot where it happened. The other stray dogs dispersed from the area as the man continued to beat the canine. The poor dog was seen coming out from underneath the car and trying to escape but the man’s corners it front of the house talked about earlier and landed some mighty blows on his head and body. The dog then runs away and the man continues to chase it.

The Kota police took cognizance of this video of the man attacking the dog and have directed the local police station to take action against him. The man was identified as Mukut Bihari and he has reportedly killed many dogs in the same way by beating them up.

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