Stunt on roadways bus leads to arrest of five youths in northern India

Stunt on roadways bus leads to arrest of five youths  in northern India

In a daring yet reckless move, a group of youths halted a Roadways bus near the bus stand, scaling its roof, and proceeded to perform stunts, causing chaos and distress among onlookers in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place near the Agra Roadways bus stand in Hathras on April 29.

Visuals showed five young men were dancing on top of a parked bus, and it looked quite risky. People nearby were watching them with surprise and concern.

The commotion unfolded late into the night near the Agra Roadways bus stand, where a considerable number of youths converged and brought a Roadways bus to a halt. Climbing atop the vehicle, they engaged in a series of stunts, creating a spectacle that disrupted traffic on the Agra-Aligarh road. The resulting congestion stretched for miles, causing inconvenience to motorists on both sides of the road.

Authorities identified the arrested individuals as Shivam, son of Anil; Satendra, son of Seetaram; Yogesh, son of Shreeram, residents of Nagla Kunvarji; Mahesh, son of Ramvir, resident of Naai ka Nagla; and Rajni Kant, son of Manoj Kumar, resident of Lala ka Nagla. All five are currently in custody, facing charges related to public disturbance and endangerment.

The incident gained widespread attention after a video surfaced on social media platforms, showcasing the daredevil act on the bus. Ram Pravesh Rai, the City Superintendent of Police, emphasized the swift action taken by law enforcement to address the matter and restore order to the affected area. As investigations continue, authorities urge the public to refrain from engaging in such dangerous and disruptive behavior, emphasizing the importance of public safety and adherence to the law.


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