Man from northern India develops unique daily use items meant for protection of women

Man from northern India develops unique daily use items meant for protection of women

A man from northern India’s Uttar Pradesh explored his creative genius to come up with unique daily items that is meant to ensure protection of women.

The man is based out of Varanasi district and this has come to light on September 1.


Named Shyam Chaurasia, the man says his main motive behind coming up with these inventions is the safety of women, especially in a society where they are victimized and subjected to various crimes. He has made a unique purse with a gun, a pair of sandals with a gun and also a pair of earrings, which can send signals to police stations and the concerned person’s contacts in any case of trouble.

Visuals showed him demonstrating these unique devices. The handbag, which he calls ‘Smart Purse Gun’ is fully built of metal and it also comes with a metal handle. It also has a regular latch like any other handbag, that is used to open and put belongings inside. However, here’s the catch. There’s a very small switch, red in colour, placed at one top corner of this bag. The whole thing also has a muzzle-like structure, resembling that of a gun. He showed that when the button is clicked, a shot is fire through the muzzle.

The next of his inventions are a pair of what he names as ‘Smart Anti Rape Sandal Gun’. It is a pair of sandals that have the same muzzle on one them. The other shoe has a small button next to the toe and upon clicking it, a shot would be fired. Also, these pair of sandals can be connected to a person’s bluetooth on a mobile device.

He also designed a earring with a locator placed on one of them, which can send emergency signals to the police and any four of emergency contacts. The buttons on all three, if pressed together, would send a call to the police and the family members. The location would also be sent which would help them to detect the lady.

However, it is to be noted that the shots fired from the sandal and purse are blank tablets and not bullets. But the sound it makes is even more than what a pistol would do. This was specifically done to attract attention in case of trouble.

The total cost of these are Rs 2,500 (USD 31.35) and it would work for seven days straight after being charged for two hours. However, Chaurasia says that these devices aren’t ready yet and they are working on finalizing them. He has received support from the innovation hub of APJ Abdul Kalam University (AKTU) who are supporting him so that these get released in the market.

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