Crocodile ends up on busy road in attempt to hunt down cow in northern India, rescued

Crocodile ends up on busy road in attempt to hunt down cow in northern India, rescued

A crocodile ended up among a group of people on a busy road after it had initially attempted to hunt a cow in northern India’s Rajasthan.

The incident reportedly happened at Steel Bridge Nahar, in Kota district on April 14.


Visuals showed the reptile by the side of the busy road with people surrounding it. The 10-feet long creature appeared to have a rope tied around its neck which some people sitting on the wall by the side of the road had held. The agitated wild animal panted and struggled to free itself from the rope and did succeed after which panic ensued in the area.

The crocodile then made its way across the road as traffic stopped and people followed it. The reptile went to another part of the road and once again people gathered around it. The crocodile was captured with the help of a sack and ropes.

According to a report, the police too reached the spot and removed the people away from the animal. The forest department officials rushed to the spot as well. Newslions spoke to Range Officer Kundan Singh and DFO Jairam Pandey and learnt that forest workers Dharmendra Choudhary, Virendra Singh Hada, Rakesh and Satyanarayan were among the ones who captured and rescued the animal. It was also learnt that it had perhaps gotten into the area as it was chasing a cow in order to hunt it. Virendra Singh Hada led the rescue operation and the reptile was released in the Sawan Bhadon Dam.

Virendra Singh is a veteran forest guard who has been in the profession since 1986. He has rescued over 600 crocodiles so far.

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