Man modifies car into ‘helicopter’ for wedding rental in northern India

As wedding entries have undergone a massive change, a man came up with an idea to convert his Tata Nano car into a helicopter in northern India’s Bihar. The incident took place in Bagaha.

Visuals shot on February 10 feature the man turning the car into a helicopter-like structure that moves on the road. Amid the wedding season, he modifies his car to rent it for weddings. Therefore, he works on the vehicle and assembles its components, while the crowd beholds the occurrence.

Necessity often leads to invention, owing to which Guddu Sharma from Bagaha decided to turn his car into a ‘helicopter’. As it’s the wedding season and not all can afford to rent actual helicopters, Guddu Sharma built this car to fulfill several dreams.

Moreover, he used sensors to give desired features to the vehicle and rented it for Rs 15,000 (USD 200.8) for weddings. Further, he spent Rs. 1.5 lakh (USD 2,008) to modify the car, whereas it will cost more than Rs. 2 lakh (USD 2,677) to give it more advanced features. Besides, this car can gain huge demand as it is more affordable.

(Writing by Anjali Choudhury)

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