Freestyle footballer performs trick shots in northern India

A 20-year-old freestyle footballer from northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir performed complex trick shots with ease. Hailing from the Charar-i-Sharief area, located in the Budgam district, he can be seen doing the tricks in a video shot in February 2022.

Visuals feature the footballer placing a tyre amid a fenced field. He then picks up another tyre and stands at a distance, rolling the latter towards the first one. Following this, he aims the football at the fence, which bounces back and darts right through the moving tyre and then through the stationary one. Later, he does other tricks like bouncing the football off the wall and straight into his bag, or aiming it in a basket. He also performs shots where he uses the football to knock off bottles from people’s heads. 

The local football celebrity, identified as Shah Huzaib, has been polishing his skill since 2018 and has invented several tricks so far. Initially, it used to take him nearly two hours to develop a new shot, but now he can do that within 20 minutes. Moreover, he practices for hours daily to master each trick.

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