Man plays piano while undergoing brain surgery for tumour in central India

Man plays piano while undergoing brain surgery for tumour in central India

A man played the piano and also recited the Hanuman Chalisa, (chants for Lord Hanuman) all while a brain tumour was being removed, in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Bhopal city on October 25.


Visuals showed the patient, identified as Harimangal Bharti lying down on the bed and playing the piano while the tumour was being slowly removed from his head. He seemed pretty calm as doctors performed the operation. According to a report, he also played the cymbals as well. The surgery that the doctors performed on the man is also called awake craniotomy to lessen the risk of leaving him debilitated for life. Bharti, hailing from Buxar in northern India’s Bihar, had complained of seizures and doctors identified that there was a tumour that needed to be operated upon. As the awake surgery was being performed, doctors were able to monitor his motor functions.

An Intradepartmental meeting was held by Prof Amit Agrawal, Dr Adesh Shrivastava, Dr Sumit Raj and Dr. Pradeep Chouksey and it was decided that an awake craniotomy would be conducted to minimize the risk of weakness of extremities. Dr Sumit Raj conducted this surgery with the help of Dr Amol Mittal and Dr Ranjith. In such an operation, the anaesthesia team composed of Dr Ashutosh Kaushal and Dr Anupama did a fabulous job.

The doctors also kept talking to him and the patient didn’t show any signs of stress at all throughout this entire procedure. The tumour was successfully removed and the patient was discharged on November 2.

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