Crocodile rescued from house in central India

Crocodile rescued from house in central India

A crocodile, which had sneaked into a house, was rescued by the forest department officials in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Kalyakhedi village, Narayangarh, Mandsaur on November 9.


Visuals showed the crocodile inside the kitchen of the house. The reptile was seated next to the cylinder and was almost on the stove.

Locals gathered outside the house on the information of a crocodile. The villagers informed the department about the same. Officials had arrived at the spot to capture the animal. They tied the crocodile with a rope and dragged it out of the house. The crocodile appeared to resist but it could not.

Later, the reptile was pinned to the ground using bamboo sticks and later, it was put in the back of a vehicle and tied to it.

The crocodile was later released safely into the Chambal river. The rescue operation, which began at 10:30 am and lasted for 30 minutes, was conducted by a team led by Ratan Singh Singod, the Range Forest Officer (RFO) and his team.

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