Massive 120-foot chariot falls during fair in southern India

Massive 120-foot chariot falls during fair in southern India
In a tragic incident, a massive chariot standing at a towering height of 120 feet collapsed during a fair in southern India’s Karnataka.

The incident took place in Huskoor, Anekal taluk, on the outskirts of Bengaluru on April 6.

Visual showed a large group of locals walking along with the chariot when suddenly it collapsed. people started to run here and there to save themselves. There was a sense of chaos all around. The bovines were seen moving around while the whole area was filled with dust.
According to reports, the incident occurred as about 70 bullocks and tractors were hauling the chariot from Heilaligi in Anekal taluk to Huskur, where the annual Madduramma fair was in full swing. Eyewitnesses recounted the chaotic scene as the chariot lost control and toppled near Heelalige village.

Located 5 kilometers from Electronic City, Bangalore, the temple of Huskur Madduramma boasts a history attributed to the Chola kings. The Madduramma fair, with a lineage spanning centuries, takes place annually in April or May. Villagers from over 10 surrounding villages journey to the Madduramma temple in Huskur, bringing tares with them. Traditionally, rural communities constructed towering therus like Namundu and Tamundu to offer their reverence to Madduramma. However, this year, tragedy struck as the 120-feet-high Theru, drawn by bullocks and tractors from Heilaligi, leaned precariously and ultimately collapsed.

Despite the immense size of the structure and the lively atmosphere of the fairground, no casualties were reported.

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