Frustrated from work workers hire goons to beat senior colleague in southern India

Frustrated from work workers hire goons to beat senior colleague in southern India
Police arrested five people for assaulting a man who works as an auditor with a private firm in southern India’s Karnataka.

The incident took place on the ring road near Kalyan Nagar in Bengaluru on April 5.

Visuals showed the assaulter beating the victim, who was lying on the road. Several four and two wheelers passed by, but no one came to help the victim. After the assaulter along with his other members left the incident spot, a few people came forward to help the victim stand.

The police stated that Suresh is employed as an auditor at a dairy company in Bengaluru. Among the arrested individuals, Umashankar and Vinesh also worked alongside him at the same company. When questioned, the suspects confessed to the assault, attributing it to Suresh’s allegedly high expectations and pressure on them.

The accused mentioned that Suresh joined the company a year ago and was known for being a strict auditor. They claimed he frequently pressured employees to clear stock balances promptly. Before Suresh’s arrival, the accused admitted they were lax and often delayed in completing balance clearances, as per police reports.

Suresh brought these issues to the attention of company superiors and took disciplinary measures against Umashankar and Vinesh. Feeling aggrieved by Suresh’s actions, Umashankar reached out to a former colleague who introduced him to Sandeep, another suspect.

Acting on Umashankar’s instructions, Sandeep enlisted the help of some thugs from KR Puram. According to the police, Sandeep tracked Suresh and attacked him with an iron rod.

Authorities from the Hennur region apprehended the suspects after a video of the incident circulated widely online. Additional inquiries are currently ongoing.

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