Massive fire breaks out at supermarket in southern India

Massive fire breaks out at supermarket in southern India

A massive fire broke out at Ratnadeep Supermarket in Bandlaguda in southern India’s Telangana.

This incident happened in Ranga Reddy district of the state on April 7.

Visuals showed the intense fire which raged on inside the supermarket. Everything inside the structure was burnt to ashes and fire officials were seen at work as they prepared to combat the flames. There was a lot of smoke that came out of the building as the flames burnt on the inside. Police officials were present there as well and a crowd had gathered in the place where this happened. As per a report, the fire broke out at the supermarket when repair works were going on. The workers at the supermarket were quick to escape from the spot as the fire took a serious form and engulfed the supermarket. The forest department was subsequently informed and they rushed to the spot to combat the flames. Two fire engines were brought and the flames were tackled. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in this incident.

It has been learnt that there has been a significant loss of property, estimated to be in lakhs as several valuables caught fire. The fire officials suspect the cause to be a short circuit and the restoration work has started. The mall is also reportedly set to resume operations in the next two days.

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