Massive fire breaks out in garments manufacturing company in northern India

Massive fire breaks out in garments manufacturing company in northern India

A tragic incident unfolded as a factory blaze resulted in the loss of a worker’s life in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place in Block B of Sector 65, Phase-3 area of Noida on April 26.

Visuals showed the factory was engulfed in a fierce blaze, its flames raging with intensity, casting a glow that illuminated the surrounding area. A chaotic atmosphere prevailed, with people scrambling in haste.

According to reports a Leather garment factory ablaze, fire units timely extinguished it. A fierce fire broke out in a company manufacturing leather garments in Block B of Sector 65, Phase-3 police station area.

According to the information received, a serious incident occurred on Friday when a worker was fatally injured while extinguishing the fire at a company located in EcoTech-3 police station area of Noida. Eco Tech-3 police station in-charge inspector Dharmendra Kumar Shukla said that a fire broke out in the Toyco company located in the police station area on Thursday, which was attempted to be extinguished by employees including Tarun Mankotia (40), and during this time, Tarun was seriously injured. Shukla said that Tarun was admitted to a hospital where he died on Friday. He informed that the police have taken custody of the body and sent it for postmortem.

People often create chaos in haste when a fire breaks out, which causes inconvenience in rescue operations. Work with restraint when dealing with fire incidents.

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