Speeding car collides with pedestrian in northern India

Speeding car collides with pedestrian in northern India
In a tragic incident, a speeding car hit a pedestrian in northern India’s Himachal Pradesh.
The incident took place near Chamba-Kariyan on the road to Mughal on April 27.
Visuals showed a man walking on the road when suddenly the fast moving car hit him.
Moreover, the car parked by the roadside had also had its tire torn apart. The injured pedestrian was admitted to Chamba Medical College for treatment, while the police initiated an investigation based on witness statements and the victim’s account. The incident occurred on Saturday evening as Vishwanath was walking home after shopping.
Suddenly, a reckless car collided with him, causing him to fall and sustain injuries. Bystanders promptly took him to the medical college for treatment, where doctors attended to his wounds. Upon receiving information about the incident, a police team promptly arrived at the hospital to commence their investigation. Police Superintendent Abhishek Yadav confirmed the incident.
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