Massive python caught from outside telephone office in northern India

Massive python caught from outside telephone office in northern India

A massive python was caught by the forest department from outside of a telephone building office in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened outside the BSNL office, Bijnor district on April 2.

Visuals showed the massive python being taken out of the drain where it was spotted. The reptile was caught at both ends by two officials. The one holding onto the snake’s mouth had a sack with which it grasped the reptile’s neck. The big snake was tough to capture because of its size and it was brought out in the open. Some people had also gathered at the spot and were taken aback by the sheer size of the creature. The two officials then tried to thrust the snake inside of a sack and it might have looked easy but wasn’t. The reptile struggled and tried to continuously come out of the sack but was eventually overpowered by both these men.

In an interview with Newslions, Mahesh Chand Gautam, the Range Forest Officer (RFO) of Bijnor district said that the operation was led by him and he had hired Amit Kumar, a man who specialises in catching snakes. Speaking to Newslions, Gautam shared that the operation began at around 10:00 am IST (Indian Standard Time) and it took around 30 minutes to complete. Kumar, who assisted Gautam in the operation, was hired by the forest department for this purpose. He has captured over 500 snakes so far in his career and used all his expertise to rescue this massive python. This snake, it was learnt, frequently appeared in the drain from where it was eventually caught. The reptile however, was caught this time around, much to the relief of the locals.

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