Rubber pipes catches fire due to short circuit in northern India

Rubber pipes catches fire due to short circuit in northern India
In a tragic incident in northern India’s Haryana, rubber pipes placed along the roadside caught fire due to a short circuit.
The incident took place on the Hisar-Sirsa bypass of Hisar district on April 23.
Visuals showed flames and thick black smoke coming from the side of a road. The smoke covered the entire sky.
The intensity of the fire was such that its smoke could be observed from a distance of 10 km. Smoke infiltrated nearby residential areas, including the Housing Board colonies, causing residents to experience suffocation.

Upon arrival at the scene, fire brigade vehicles attempted to extinguish the flames, but the fire’s extensive spread necessitated over an hour to bring it under control. Along the Hisar-Sirsa bypass, bystanders witnessed rubber pipes ablaze on the roadside, prompting immediate calls to emergency services. Responding swiftly, both police and fire brigade units arrived, with police diverting pedestrians and closing off the road to prevent accidents.

Witnesses, including Manoj Kumar and Bhagirath from Sector 14, reported sparks emanating from a transformer, igniting nearby pipes. Criticism arose towards government employees for placing these combustible pipes near the transformer without considering the potential fire hazard, despite their intended use for public health projects. The spectacle attracted onlookers from as far as 10 km away, drawn by the billowing smoke and visible flames. However, police precautions prevented any unauthorized approach to the fire site to avert further incidents.

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