Navy Commando’s parachute tragically entangled in wires in northern India

Navy Commando’s parachute tragically entangled in wires in northern India

Location Malpura area, Agra, northern India's Uttar Pradesh. Date: 2023-05-11

During routine training exercise, a courageous Navy commando lost his life after a parachute mishap left him entangled in power lines in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place at Airborne Training School located inside the Air Force Station in Malpura area of Agra on May 11.

Visuals showed the parachute fabric was entangled in the powerline, in the field owned by a man. The individual who witnessed the incident provided detailed information to the news report about how it happened. The atmosphere in the village was filled with sorrow and worry. The villagers had gathered near the same field, expressing their grief and concern.

A Navy commando, identified as Ankur Sharma, died during a parachute exercise at the Agra Air Force Base’s Airborne Training School after his parachute got entangled in high-voltage power lines.

According to Malpura Police Station officials, Ankur Sharma, who was posted in Jammu and Kashmir, was receiving paratrooping training at the Airborne Training School of Agra’s Malpura dropping zone.

As part of his training, he jumped from an aircraft using a parachute on Friday morning, but in the final seconds of the leap, he presumably failed to spot the extremely high-voltage powerlines. His parachute got entangled in the power lines.

Sources claimed that the officials rushed to the spot, and the commando was then transferred to the military hospital for treatment. Ankur Sharma succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

According to sources, the Airborne Training School in Agra regularly offers paratrooper training courses for military personnel. This institution trains thousands of commandos in parachute jumps.

Cricketer and Lieutenant Colonel in the territorial army, Mahendra Singh Dhoni completed his paratrooper training and did five parachute jumps at the Malpura Dropping Zone to be classified as a paratrooper commando.

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