Nine-year-old from northern India showcases incredible weightlifting skills

Nine-year-old from northern India showcases incredible weightlifting skills

A nine-year-old girl showcased her incredible weightlifting skills by performing a 75 kg (165.34 lbs) deadlift in northern India’s Haryana.

Named Arshia Goswami, the girl hails from the Panchkula district of the state and she performed this feat on February 28.


Visuals showed Arshia gearing up to take on the challenge in front of her. She bent down and grabbed hold of the handle with the weights put on the sides. Letting out a deep breath, she ensured that her focus was absolutely on point and with a mighty effort, she tried to lift the weights. Incredibly enough, she was able to do so and lifted up the weights for a few seconds before dropping them back.

At only nine years old, Arshia has already achieved an incredible feat by performing a 75 kg deadlift! Despite receiving praise and admiration from all directions, her attention remains fixed elsewhere. With unwavering determination, Arshia is diligently dedicating herself to rigorous training, leaving no room for complacency. Her sights are set on a monumental goal: competing in the Paris Olympics, slated to take place later this year in the vibrant French capital. She had started off with a dead lift of 45 kg back in 2020 and four years later, she performed a 75kg deadlift in January, this year.

For Arshia, the journey ahead is filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. With each day, she pushes herself beyond her limits, striving for excellence in every aspect of her preparation. Her aspiration is clear—to earn a coveted spot among the Indian contingent bound for Paris, where she dreams of standing on the podium and proudly representing her country on the international stage.

As she embarks on this ambitious endeavor, Arshia embodies the spirit of determination and resilience. Despite her young age, she demonstrates maturity beyond her years, understanding the sacrifices and hard work required to achieve her Olympic dreams. With her unwavering commitment and indomitable spirit, Arshia serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes everywhere, proving that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible.

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