Officials rescue infant from borewell in eastern India

Officials rescue infant from borewell in eastern India

A baby girl was rescued after she had fallen into a borewell in eastern India’s Odisha.

This incident happened in Laripali village in Sambalpur district on December 12.


Visuals showed officials, who were involved in this rescue operation, carry out the child from the spot after saving her life. Excavators were seen at work and officials involved in the rescue also dug up the ground to pave the way for the child’s rescue. The girl was seen inside the borewell and her cries were heard. An oxygen cylinder was used to provide support to the child. After a long effort involving several officials, the infant was safely rescued. The baby girl was then placed on a tray and the dirt and mud on her body was wiped away by a health officials. After the child’s successful rescue, those involved in the operation raised slogans of joy and happiness.

A crowd had gathered in the area which was cordoned off with the rescue was taking place and the child was saved after an operation that took place for eight long hours. According to a report, the child’s cries from inside the abandoned borewell was heard by villagers who promptly informed the authorities about the same. In a matter of time, the police as well as fire brigade and health officials rushed to the spot to save the child. The state’s Disaster Rapid Action Force was also involved in this rescue operation. However, there was no clarity on how the child had fallen into the borewell in the first place. The rescued baby girl was subsequently rushed to the Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research and a doctor stated that she was breathing normally. But they will conduct more examinations to ascertain her health condition.

Three excavators were used to dig up the ground and 20 people were involved in the rescue operation. Around 20 feet of the ground was excavated and the baby was also provided with oxygen supply and a bulb so that she felt warm inside. Manual digging was also involved in this rescue operation. It was also learnt that Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik had asked for special equipment to be sent to the spot by aircraft so that the rescue operation could be successful. He also expressed relief and happiness after the baby was rescued while thanking those involved in making this operation a success.


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