Officials rescue leopard from 60-feet-deep well in western India

Officials rescue leopard from 60-feet-deep well in western India

A leopard was rescued by the forest department after it fell into a well in western India’s Maharashtra.


The incident took place in Kolgaon Village in Bhadgaon Taluka in Jalgaon District on November 21.


Visuals showed a man climbing down the well with the help of a rope. He descended to provoke the leopard, encouraging it to enter the cage placed in the well for its rescue. After persistent efforts, he succeeded in coaxing the leopard into the cage. Once the leopard was inside, he locked the gate and ascended back up.

Later, the cage was pulled out of the well with the assistance of an excavator and a few officials. The leopard was soon seen moving around inside the cage. In another visual, a big cat was observed eagerly waiting to reunite with the rescued leopard.

Speaking to Newslions, Shital Nagrale, Range Forest Officer, mentioned that they received information from locals around 2 p.m. on November 21 about a leopard falling into a 60-feet-deep well. The rescue operation commenced around 3 p.m., and with immense efforts, it was successfully completed within an hour.

The rescue team, led by Shital Nagrale under the guidance of Praveen A., included foresters Chandrasekhar Patil and Gulab Pinjari.

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